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Bio3For more information about me, please see my Curriculum Vitae pdf.

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  1. Morgan Aldridge says:

    While reading the 4th Canto I found the idea of Limbo to be very interesting. Based on the text I imagine many people crowded into a tight, pitch black space. Such as a valley or cannon. In the valley I pictured women, men, and children of all ages and kinds, yet amongst them is the pilgrim stumbling around in the dark trying to reach the light at which the poets sit. After viewing the image “poets in limbo” my perspective was changed. Instead of Limbo being crowded and dark, the image that Dore’ presents shows quite the opposite. Now that I have seen the poets sitting around, rather alone at that, starring at the fire I have developed a new perspective on the situation. Now I find the idea of famous poets in Limbo to be quite comical. The reason being that Homer, and the other poets found themselves to be very omnipotent and knowledgeable about all things. The fact that they are stuck in limbo not knowing what’s going on and if God will accept them is rather ironic. Now I imagine them all just standing around twiddling their thumbs throwing out random poems, and theory’s about their predicament in order to come to terms with their judgement from God. I also found limbo to be an interesting concept because based on the way I was raised, I was not aware that many believe you have to be baptized in order to be saved. I thought that as long as you believed in god and worshiped in your own ways that he would forgive your sins and welcome you into heaven. The concept is new to me but I understand it and think that it is an interesting idea. http://www.worldofdante.org/pop_up_query.php?dbid=I135&show=more

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